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Monday, April 4, 2011

Relocation Tinkertines Down Under

I was very happy to receive this link from my Twitter friend @jackiembooth in the UK. With all the doubt I've been feeling over our move to Australia, this is just what I needed: A reminder that the city of Canberra, where we plan to make a new life for our family, is a great one. Jobs are plentiful, the balance between nature and metropolis is a perfect one for us and just seeing the sunshine and hearing the birds chirping in the background was enough to make me pull out my suitcases. The video is a bit long and the properties showcased are not exactly our taste, we would definitely be in the market for something less "outdated", but the excitement of moving to Canberra is creeping its way back in. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the miles and miles of bike paths. My dream home will hopefully have views of the Brindabella Mountains (and a swimming pool). I have a long "to do" list for my new life, and taking up rowing is one of them. I can't wait to get out on the lake in the early mornings and glide through the water.
The proximity to the coast and the mountains is invaluable, I could surf the beaches of Sydney in the morning (if I surfed) and by the afternoon be on the snow hills skiing (if I skied), both on my "to do" list as well. There was even a little part of me that envisioned my boys racing along the motorcross track that was featured (what, am I crazy)?
If you've got the time, have a look, you might even decide that Canberra, Australia is the place for you.


  1. I used to row on Lake Burley Griffin. There are clubs you can join, they're very welcoming of beginners. I miss it. You might inspire me to take it up again! It's a beautiful sport.