Busy being a mother and a wife and taking on the biggest challenge yet, a permanent move across the world. Read here my random thoughts, feelings and stories about my life that is about to be turned upside down (literally).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Gift

I have been given a gift, I've embraced this gift and it has opened my eyes. The gift of seeing my world in a whole new way. I have taken for granted the beauty that surrounds me, the seasons that carry me and the country that I love. Knowing that I will soon be saying goodbye to my life here in Canada, I have taken so much time and care to appreciate all of it. The birch trees that are scattered along the back field, how they glisten in the moon light. The loons I hear all summer on the lake as they sing to each other in the darkness. The rich beautiful tones in the trees as they turn colours in the fall, and the crunch of their leaves under my feet. The first snowfall which is the most beautiful one of all, light airy flakes that lightly fall and dust the ground. The hearty fire in our wood stove on cold cold days and sunny winter days that stream warm sunshine into my front window. The sleek frozen lake, spending hours on it skating, its wide vast surface that could take me miles and miles. The tobogganing track we work hard to build each winter and the snowmen and snowforts that are scattered on our back lawn. We caught a quick taste of spring last week, an unseasonable warm day with that distinctive spring smell bringing feelings of hope and renewed energy, motivating us to hang on for the last leg of winter.
In the past 8 months I have taken the extra time each day to really feel each moment. I watch my children discovering many of these beautiful moments as well and I ingrain in my memory the look on their faces, the pure joy of it all. This is how we should always live our life, like we will never walk by that beautiful maple tree again.


  1. Oh! I know that feeling all too well (we moved from England to Canada almost 2 yrs ago now)... It's kind of liberating, that feeling of the world is your oyster as you let go of those material things you can't take with you (job, car, house, junk etc...) That sense of suspension and asking yourself if you are completely crazy, :) But yes. It is worth it. So much. For the adventure of it. And knowing that you will have no regets in later life for taking the chance when it was presented to you. I wish you and your family whole-heartedly the very best of luck on your adventure!

  2. I really am looking forward to getting rid of all our stuff and starting fresh, Scary and exciting all at once. Thank you for your well wishes and a belated welcome to Canada ;)

  3. Thank you :) It's amazing how few possessions one finds one can live without. Those that you take with you have all the more significance for the memories they hold. Of course they also help to make your new abode a 'familiar' home in an unfamiliar land. It is comforting and helps things flow more naturally.

  4. i really like your blog i def agree i love getting rid of things and starting all over with a new start :) xoxo