Busy being a mother and a wife and taking on the biggest challenge yet, a permanent move across the world. Read here my random thoughts, feelings and stories about my life that is about to be turned upside down (literally).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have lost all ability to express myself in writing, I am holding myself together with bits of tape and glue, I might burst at the seams if I let go just a little. So much has happened over the past month, I am in the middle of the biggest change of my life. I cannot manage to string two sentences together for a blog post. I am not ready to let it flow, because if I sit down at the computer to express what is inside I'm afraid that I will never be able to stop, I will deflate, there will be nothing left but my fears, worries and anxiety splattered all over your screens to see.
I am so displaced, I can not find a better word.
Like my 2 year old said to me yesterday:
I just want to go home


  1. I have no words of wisdom for you, but I do have lots of hugs. It's tough enough to relocate your family to another state, I can't begin to image the stress and heartache of moving across the world.

    On the bright side, there are some fabulous tweeps (and those other "normal" non-Twitter people) where you are headed. Hopefully that will make settling in a little bit easier for you.

    More hugs x

  2. Well you just expressed it beautifully my friend. I know exactly how you feel. It is so hard. That word 'displaced' sums up so much of what I feel at the moment too. I am trying to be patient, and I know you are too. And before long we will both be in our new homes.
    michelle xx

  3. ((hugs)). Millions and millions of ((hugs)). Moving is so tough and my heart just aches for you. You are a wonderful person and your strength is evident. Feel free to deflate every once in a while if you need to though.

    Thinking of you lots!

  4. I have been there. Reading your words makes me realise that even when I am having a bad day here how far I have actually come. I have moved my family across international borders twice to two totally different environments and its tough. Everyone can tell you it will get better but until it actually does and you achieve some level of 'settled' in your new place you won't believe it's true. All the best with the next little while. Nikki xxx

  5. I've got the kettle on to make you a nice cup of tea when you get here! (hugs) in the meantime, my soon-to-be tea-drinking buddy!