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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We are here, here we are.

It's hard to steal the time on borrowed wifi (from my in-laws) to write a proper post about the beginnings of our adventure. I have neglected my blog a bit, more avoided really, the emotions I felt during the last few weeks of our time in Canada were too overwhelming to express. Ive been known to bottle my feelings a little bit, but I made a conscious effort to keep talking to my husband, I might not of shared with everyone but I did share with my him, my best friend and I feel like it was just the outlet I needed.
Well, we are finally here, after 2 years of planning, anticipation, excitement, doubt and reservations. It is everything we expected it to be and we look forward to experiences to come that will make it everything we hope it to be. I have been welcomed with open arms not only by family and friends but also the wonderful online community that I have been sharing this process with for the past year. I was so pleased to see all the welcome "home" messages from my Australian twitter friends upon our arrival, I was DM'd phone numbers and offered to be picked up from the airport from people who I've never met but hope to one day. I've had the pleasure of meeting 2 of my favorite Aussie tweeps already and have plans to see them again and meet others soon.
We are proceeding with regular life, house work, cooking meals, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, not unlike my everyday life in Canada. The difference now is the involvement of family, Our rented house is across the street from Nanny & Poppy, my sister-in-law and her family also live there while their house is being built. Between our 2 homes we have 6 adults and 6 cousins, back and forth we go, sharing meals, playtime, TV time (and wifi). I get time to myself each day to just do what I want & in turn I give my sister-in-law a break while I have her kids over to play.
I grew up with only my parents and one sister, we had no family in Canada, our family holidays were just the four of us, no cousins to play with or Aunts & Uncles to tease us. We were happy as we knew no different but I am so excited to be giving this opportunity to my children to enjoy their childhood with more than only each other.
The beginning of this adventure has not yet involved exciting travel, kangaroo spotting or hot sunny days, but the reality of the benefit that this move is to our family is already very evident.


  1. I know what you mean about small family. You will love the big extended family, I think. Have fun!

  2. Very heartwarming to see your sense of adventure and positive outlook. You will all be the richer for it. And just think: you have 2 homes now, and so do your children, so trips home to Canada will be part of your future lives, yay! My Canadian friend who lives here in Canberra is over there now with her husband and they are sending amazing photos, I am so envious... see them on @AMonkeyInSilk (her Aussie husband). Enjoy!