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Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Reality

Tomorrow life goes back to normal, well My normal. Hubby goes back to long days at work which means I am once again completely responsible for the kidlets. I am lucky to have a very hands on husband but I admit sometimes I dread doing it alone. Reality also includes re-listing the house and crossing our fingers for a sale. Plan A didn’t quite pan out, if it had we would have sold the house, spent Christmas in Vancouver and now be in Australia sitting poolside in hubby’s parents backyard. Luckily we are able to go with the flow and are on to plan B. Sell by spring, take a trip across this beautiful country and then be on our way. But back to reality, the near impossible task of keeping the house spotless for showings (not easy with 2 kids under the age of 5). Trying to sell our 2 vehicles, most of our furniture and electronics all to be timed perfectly with our move. The reality of sorting through my broad range of feelings about our move: Excitement and joy about the prospect of a new adventurous life in a country I love, Guilt and sadness about leaving my mother behind, and a whole range of feelings that fall in between. This time I am going to tackle this a bit differently. This time I not going to put anything on hold, kids swimming lessons, break dancing lessons for J, Jewelry making course for me. All these I put off last fall in anticipation of our move. I feel like we’ve been living in limbo for months now. Not anymore, life is going to go on and what ever happens happens!
                                                 Aussie Family waiting by the pool for us

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