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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I like about ME- my yearly review

Thank you to Anjanette, a new Aussie twitter friend for sharing her blog post "How do I love me. Let me count the ways..." at   http://anjwritesabout.com/ which was inspired by a blog she follows.
In a pay it forward (to myself)kind of way I decided to write my own version of it, and maybe you should too. It might feel good.

This job called "Life"  is a tough one, with many rewards and many challenges. We make our way through the daily grind with little direction from anyone but ourselves. This job does not include a yearly evaluation, and we are often reminded of the "areas that need improvement",  but how often are we reminded of our great attributes. Even though I work for my family, my immediate supervisor is ME so here is my yearly review, in random order, the things I like about ME, without the "areas that need improvement".

I like that I tell my kids I love them more than just once a day.
I like that even though I am a worry wart I let my kids do extreme and crazy stunts because they love it.
I like that I am a positive person and I don't often dwell on the negative.
I like that I can see good in everyone, even if they are really not that good.
I like that I am empathetic and I always take a moment to walk in others shoes.
I like that I love seniors and have made it my profession to benefit them.
I like that I am sensitive even though it sometimes hurts my heart.
I like that I don't complain about my husband (very much) because even though he is slightly annoying he is way more awesome than not.
I like that I am a good driver.
I like that even though I am overwhelmingly terrified of flying, I've never let it stop me from traveling.
I like that I am Serbo-Croation and that English is my second language.
I like that I am good at learning new languages.
I like that I am a good baker.
I like that I am a good singer.
I like that I am neat and tidy and my house is always clean(ish).
I like that I am a good housewife.
I like that even though I sometimes tend to care about what people think of me, I've never cared about what people think of my parenting.
I like that I call my mother everyday.
I like that I am a thoughtful gift giver.
I like that I send my close friends happy anniversary cards.
I like that I don't swear.
I like that am trying new things like blogging, jewellery making and a healthier diet.
I like that I make my kids laugh.
I like that I am a good friend.
I like that I am brave enough to pack up and leave behind my good life here for the possibility of an even better life for my family.

In saying this, I am also always striving to make myself a better person, perhaps next years review of things I like about ME will grow double in size.


  1. i love your list. (I wish: I like that I am good at learning new languages.) I've never made a list like this for myself. I think I might give it a try.


  2. Thanks Andrea

    It was fun! You definitely should do one. I might do it every year and see what new things I come up with.